About Us

Delivering Professional Peace and Perfection

Shipra Uttam, an MBA and Image Consultant had two decades of total experience in Admin, HR, Drop shipping, Radiology and service Industry and one decade serving Australian, US, UK small and medium businesses, laid the foundation of Shipra Virtual Assistant Services with a vision to provide high-level Virtual Assistant Services to small and medium businesses spread across the world.

From founders to executives, the company assists leaders in taking their business forward by providing highly skilled remote staff that can be entrusted to represent their business and carry out responsible tasks—all on a simple monthly/ half yearly or ongoing subscription.

The VA services at Shipra VA Services begin with understanding the client’s requirements and their respective business processes and then recommending a personalised and customised service plan by a qualified team of professionals, accordingly.

Finding reliable, trustworthy, and competent help has always been one of the foremost challenges of running a successful business or project—and it’s even more relevant when using remote resources.

But with such great support provided byHOW IT WORKS our team of experienced, reliable, and vetted Virtual assistants, Shopify Manager and Developers, Project managers, Bookkeepers specialise in Xero, Social Media Managers, Digital marketers, Customer Support agents, SEO Experts and more businesses can raise their graphs of success manifolds.

How It Works

Step 1: Getting to know-how round

We know that each of the businesses is unique in their working and requirements particular from the team they have to work with. In this round, we organise a short productive meeting with you and your teams, where we carefully listen, analyse and understand your requirements and then suggest the staff that makes peace with both you and your business ideologies. 

Step 2: Confirming the team to work with

We recommend you one of our best and an experienced staff member based on your requirements. You’ll then get to meet them and speak with them to further verify our assurance of a good match. Before starting the work, such meetings also ensure that you build a sound relationship with the staff that will be representing you and working on your behalf. 

Step 3: Launch and track

After gaining a deep insight into your business ideas and their implementation in various processes, the team will start working as per your instructions. Being an employer, you are free to monitor their work and get changes done wherever necessary. 

Our Values

Screening for Talent

We select professionals for their innate sense of service and care, as well as their corporate and professional expertise to make peace with the client’s business requirements. We look for people who are motivated to take the client’s business forward and ensure long term growth.

Friendly and Caring

We consider our client’s as our family and that’s why the work in “Company Name” is all about providing friendly and personalized service to suit all of the client’s needs.  Hence, we connect with individuals who care deeply about delivering effective and efficient performance.

Everyone Wins

For us, the perfect partnerships involve the goods for all parties involved. We don’t force things, instead give the independent choices to the team and the clients whether they want to work together or not. By building a strong connection between both, we ensure that our team is highly invested in delivering services that help our clients succeed.

Paying Attention To Detail

By being friendly, we build relations but don’t compromise on business. We believe that getting to know the client and closely understanding their business will help us in getting to the core of the problem and suggest better solutions. This gets followed by solid execution with a precise eye for even the minute details, which in turn translates into extraordinary results.

Taking Responsibility

No matter what the situation is, our team takes the responsibility of them all. We don’t believe in blaming and working but confidently speaking up when something isn’t working to ensure the output isn’t compromised on the set standards. Speaking up doesn’t mean denying the work but offers an opportunity for improvements and enhancements that tend to deliver perfect results.

A Positive Outlook

We believe in the virtue of positivity- that is, taking every situation as an opportunity to learn, thrive or improve, ones’ abilities. Through all our professional collaborations and interactions we tend to create a positive impact with our work.

Our vision has not changed from the day one, our clear passion for excellence, quality, and care still drives our decision-making and is the foundation of how we’ve structured our business.