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Finding difficult to maintain a Work-Life Balance while working from home?

Now a days due to this pandemic most of companies are allowing their employees to work from home but its new challenge to maintain work and life balance. This problem most the work from home freelancers and virtual Assistants are facing. I am here sharing few tips which I have [...]

How to hire a remote executive assistant?

There are many executive assistants who know, how responsible they have to to keep this position and those are our remote executive assistants. They become right-hand of the business owners, Managers and so on to they support. They are trusted in their past records fully to carry out both personal [...]

Missing corporate culture while working with Remote employees?

While many companies and busy executives are already taking remote employees, Covid 19 pandemic made most of the companies rely on work from home culture and relay on Remote employees like Virtual Assistants, Virtual Executive Assistants, Shopify Managers and so many other positions. This is a challenge to develop corporate [...]

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