There are many executive assistants who know, how responsible they have to to keep this position and those are our remote executive assistants. They become right-hand of the business owners, Managers and so on to they support. They are trusted in their past records fully to carry out both personal and professional tasks, ensuring running things smoothly for your business and as an EA.

Now trend is changing from full time in house executive assistants hiring, Business owners and busy managers are more comfortable in hiring a remote executive Assistant.

Now challenge is how to hire right rockstar remote executive assistant. The new Virtual staff might you expect can be more flexible in terms of availability and also same time match to your business demands.  

Here are some tasks list a remote executive assistant can perform for you.


Being a busy business owner or manger, you need someone to take care of your calendar management, appointments scheduling, remind you before meeting etc.


In business a owner always needs some new research to be done in order to plan new strategies for business, competitor analysis, search of new suppliers etc or any king of online research a remote executive assistant can perform.

Event Coordination

Planning event for company, contacting and researching new vendors for events, compare their quotes and help you finalising best quotes, hiring on call staffs for event, buying material or anything needed for event planning and coordination.

Travel Coordination

Books your travel, take care of planning starting from flight booking, cab bookings, hotel arrangements etc.

Email Management

Answering your emails on behalf of you and sending only important emails to you to get those answered. Keep your email box clean and responsive.

Book Keeping

A remote executive assistant do help you reconciling your books on your software you use like Xero, quickbooks etc. to give it to your accountant or CPA.

What are key traits of a Remote Executive Assistant?

While working with successful remote executives in my past 8 years of Virtual remote working journey, We identified some similar traits which a business owner should look while hiring a Remote executive assistant :

  1. Problem solving
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Ability to prioritise
  4. Find out and understand needs
  5. Creative
  6. Intelligence – Social and emotional
  7. Resourceful
  8. Team player

While taking interview ask questions which will be related to the task a remote executive assistant will perform for you.

Questions can be asked – “Accomplishments, failures, best traits etc” Want to hire an ideal rockstar remote executive assistant?