While many companies and busy executives are already taking remote employees, Covid 19 pandemic made most of the companies rely on work from home culture and relay on Remote employees like Virtual Assistants, Virtual Executive Assistants, Shopify Managers and so many other positions.

This is a challenge to develop corporate culture working with Remote Employee’s who belong from different location, cultures and many other team communication issues you might be facing if you are very new to hiring remote employees or work from home culture business model.

We are glad to share few ways, which we use to follow in our Virtual team management for many organisations.

Accepting The change

Nothing to surprise, when traditional corporate, office-based employees start working remotely, there can be a change which will be a negative impact or effect team productivity.

Also now hiring process will also be changed and challenging, need to find new ways of on-boarding process, training and much more.

Hiring / On boarding at the time of change

Team Leaders / Managers / Owners must be more open with virtual employees, while hiring and onboarding and in terms of communication. Ask for their experiences, tools they have used in the past, do they have any team building suggestions.

Team coordination

For each department making common place of communication (chat groups) so that can communicate for anything related to the works and get it going rather than calling on phone and going to desk this will be now a virtual meeting and chat meeting. Isn’t it exciting

Work Acknowledgement

It is a possibility remote employees begin to feel that their work is out-of-sight or not been noticed and not been appreciated. Always appreciate team members sending emails and keeping other team members in CC that will give them motivation to perform better and better day by day.

Be a leader and build a team

Working remotely makes one feel sometimes like isolated and alone. Try to do some fully quizzes, or share your funny stories in day, a little funny conversation in group chat boost their mood and start helping in team building and making them more comfortable with each other and with you.

When people work remotely, they can feel excluded or disconnected – whether intentionally or circumstantially – from daily activity to which they grew accustomed that would build camaraderie.

Do video meetings with team just to see them and make them feel they are into an organised structure and make these all small tricks give them a feel of corporate culture.

Will be coming with more related topics Keep sharing your feedback.