Virtual assistant industry is growing day by day and since past few years its been every small, medium and even big organisations first choice to hire a Virtual Assistant than hiring a full time inhouse employee.

Are you hiring a Virtual Assistant for the first time? Are you planning to expand your team but do not want to hire a full time employee?

You must be thinking what kind of tasks I can assign to my Virtual Assistant? Are they only limited to data entry and research tasks?

Then answer is no! A Virtual Assistant can help you much more and even a lot and give you time to look at business expansion and get some personal time with your
loved once.

Here I am sharing few things you can assign to a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Answering your customer service emails and phone calls.
  2. Planning your calendar
  3. Data Entry and research
  4. Managing your online stores
  5. Uploading and managing items on your online store.
  6. Booking your travel
  7. Creating manuals for upcoming new team members
  8. Posting social media ads on your social pages and platforms.
  9. Managing registrations and enrolments according to the business needs
  10. Managing customer data base
  11. Drafting Marketing emails
  12. Creating online surveys and getting response and creating reports for survey.
  13. Making graphics and editing
  14. Managing meetings schedules
  15. Creating and organising content

This list will go on and on…….